How to buy

How to bid


Gigarte will publish online the auction catalogue at least 20 days before the date of the auction live. From that time on, it will be possible to bid on the lots that will be awarded to the highest bidder during the auction's live. At the auctioneer's discretion, the lots may be subject to order variations during the auction.

View of the lots before the auction

The viewing of the lots can be done through the on-line catalogue, from the paper catalogue that can be requested to Gigarte and by appointment at one of Gigarte's offices in Viareggio (Lucca). Once the award has been made, it will no longer be possible to make complaints even if you made a mistake in compiling the catalogue. Please note that the purchase of the auction is made through the rule "seen and liked".


The awarding of the items for sale will be charged to the customer for 22% including the right to auction and VAT.

Online bids

You can place bids from the moment the catalogue is published online (at least 20 days before the date set for the auction) or during the auction's live streaming online

Bid via telephone or email

For those who do not use the internet tool it's possible to bid via telephone. Please note that the service is free of charge and therefore no liability can be attributed to Gigarte, which will not be liable for inadvertently unregistered offers or for errors in their execution.

It's possible, again, to bid via email providing a copy of personal document (identity card, driving license or passport) and bid's amount to

Fill out the form to send your offer by email

Withdrawal of awarded lots

You can personally withdraw awarded lots only after receiving our confirmation of payment or only by appointment to be agreed in advance. It is essential to agree on an appointment to guarantee the actual withdrawal of the goods to those concerned.

Shipment method

Gigarte relies on a trusted courier to ship and deliver the goods. The relative expenses will be charged to the customer and, if requested, it will be possible to obtain an estimate of the same.

Export from Italy

For all lots that can be dated before fifty years, export is subject to the regulations of the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities - Export Office. Gigarte cannot provide any guarantee on the issue of the certificate of free circulation nor on the time required for it. The issue of the relative certificates of free circulation is at the customer's charge. Failure to issue or delay in issuing any licence does not constitute a cause for cancellation of the sale, nor it justify late payment by the customer of the total amount due.

How to pay

The accepted methods of payment are bank transfer, credit card (Visa, Mastercard and similar) with payments handled through PayPal and cheque. In case of cheque or bank transfer the payment will be considered as solute at the time of verification at our bank of the transfer of the amount due. In case of credit card transaction will be required an additional 3% for service fees.

Payment for the purchased items must be received within and not later than 15 days from the date of the auction. In case of default by the customer, the auction house is authorized to cancel the sale.

All payment details will be communicated to the customer at the time of the lot's awarding.


Gigarte Casa d'Aste si riserva inoltre la possibilità di agire in sede giudiziale per la richiesta dei danni patiti in caso di mancato pagamento e/o ritiro dei Lotti aggiudicati in asta